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"Thank you Brendan Murray-Nellis for the amazing treatment last ever.....almost slept through going to work sleep ever....check him out folks.....I highly recommend his treatments!"  - Roxy Corrigan RMT

"OH my! Huge gratitude to Brendan Murray-Nellis at Raven Acupuncture! Four months of progressively worsening challenges are on the way to resolve in one session! Thank you for listening and making the linkages! I drove home energized, old school house thumping, shoulders dropped, tummy unwinding with a HUGE SMILE on my face. So thankful am I!"  - Sherry H.

"Brendan is a natural healer. Not only is he able to put anyone at ease with his calm and friendly manner, he also brings great wisdom and insight to his diagnoses and treatment plans. During my time as his patient, I have learned so much about my own health, and always leave my sessions with Brendan feeling calm, centered, and empowered to take the next steps to continue to heal outside his practice. Brendan is a truly special acupuncturist by virtue of his compassionate nature and savvy treatment approach."  - Amber F.

"Beyond his confident medical knowledge, I especially appreciated how Brendan Murray-Nellis created a comfortable, open environment to discuss my health concerns. He asked questions to understand my condition as part of a whole, mind-body picture and answered my questions about a TCM approach.  I liked how acupuncture helped me learn to listen to my body and felt supported by a commitment to regular treatment with a practitioner I trust."  - Jen K.

"Brendan Murray-Nellis did acupuncture work on me In 2012.  I found his approach very gentle and yet very thorough.  He helped me a great deal and I would highly recommend him."  - Marie-Jose G.

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