A delicious full bodied coffee alternative, Raven Roast uses gluten free, organic roasted herbs to naturally promote energy, stamina, and wellness. A lovely and satisfying way to start your day or finish it. Available in caffeinated and non-caffeinated blends.  Raven Roast Cocoa Ramon is our non-caffeinated blend although there is a negligible amount of caffeine in the cocoa.  Most people with strong sensitivities to caffeine find that there is no effect from this tiny amount which is far less than a decaf coffee.


If you're craving a strong dark roast or a creamy latte but want to avoid the jitters and the afternoon crash, then try Raven Roast. We believe taste matters! After being uninspired by coffee alternatives that taste like barley water, we wanted to create one that was full bodied and delicious. Raven Roast was formulated using high quality ingredients and herbal wisdom to get the rich bold flavor that satisfies a coffee drinker's pallet.


Raven Roast uses organic and gluten free ingredients:

Dandelion Root has been traditionally used to help restore digestive function and has naturally occuring prebiotics.

Ramon Nut is a sustainable Mayan tree crop. A fruit seed rather than a tree nut, it has a bold coffee-like flavor with the added benefit of being mineral and nutrient rich.

Ashwagandha sometimes called Indian ginseng, has been used in Aryvedic and Chinese Medicine to boost energy, calm anxiety, and help reduce daily stress.


Raven Roast also contains Chicory, Cocoa and Licorice.

Raven Roast Cocoa Ramon - Pouch